Packaging printing

In recent weeks, NANOO Printers has put a great deal of effort into testing the nano technology in terms of its use in packaging printing. We have prepared a complete technology of printing on paper, cartons, cardboards, as well as on label papers, laminates.

There are several digital printing technologies on the market, which are used in packaging printing, but none of them can be compared in terms of print quality and available device performance with classic technologies such as offset, flexographic or rotogravure printing. Nanoprint is the first digital solution that offers the user the same or better quality: excellent detail quality and a colour scheme that complies with all printing standards. The ability to print on the same substrates as in classic technologies without the need for pre-preparation is not without significance. The simplicity of the new technology makes it cheap and easy to implement in any printing house.

Taking into account quality and price criteria, we are sure that printing on packagings by using nano-printers will gradually complement the offer of foregoing dominant printing technologies.

As part of the development of our services, our company invited several dozen of the most opinion-forming companies from Poland, as well as Germany, Bulgaria and Slovakia to conduct tests together and compare printing products made with applications made with the use of offset, flexo and digital UV printing technologies. We provided each of companies invited to participate in the tests with the opportunity to fully test NANOO equipment and give their opinion on its usefulness in the packaging industry. We are confident that our potential customers will appreciate the excellent print quality and surface structure of the print, which is deceptively similar to offset and flexo printing or the ability to print on almost all substrates used in classic offset and flexographic printing.

Nano-printing is currently one of the cheapest digital printing technology on the market, makes it an interesting and cost-effective alternative for the packaging industry. Several companies responded to our invitation and expressed their readiness to test, and the next applications are only a matter of time. The scale of the tests will allow us to collect conclusions and observations, which will enable us to introduce possible corrections or adjust the parameters of printing machines to the expectations of individual customers. Different requirements, characteristics of the materials to be printed or the expected final effects are a real testing ground for our technology. However, only in practice will it be possible to test its usability and determine its advantage over standard printing techniques.

If you have an idea of using innovative digital technology, would like to test our devices in and use their unique capabilities in your company, write to us at the following address – We would be very pleased to invite you to join our team of experts/testers.